Post Covid Swim - Postcovi Eu logotip - recovering after covid with swimming


According to the World Health Organization, COVID-recovered individuals suffer from various problems (breathing, neurological, physical and psychological dysfunctions), preventing them to partly or fully return in the work process, affecting their exclusion and increasing the health expenditure. Nevertheless, in Europe there is no systematic treatment of COVID-recovered people when they finish with medical treatment. The project PostCovSwim addresses this gap by presenting swimming and movement in the water as a physical activity, which improves the quality of life of COVID-recovered individuals. Thanks to the water characteristics, the COVID-recovered people will be able to take part in the program.


The main project objective is to draw up a training program, based on the recent world-known developments in the field of health and sport sciences, to be used in a local environment. An innovative design of the program in the appropriately warm water will directly address the current problems connected with COVID-19. By drawing-up their own training programs, the representatives of the target groups (swimming teachers and coaches, swimming professionals and kinesiologists) will be able to reach a higher participation of the final users, faster inclusion in the society, and, at the same time, they will have an important mission in direction of the psychical and mental condition of the society.


What is this script about and who is it for?
The main objective of the project is to establish a training programme that will offer quality and systematic treatment to the target groups and consequently to the end-users, ensuring a healthy and safe return to everyday life for people treated for COVID-19. The programme will be based on a theoretical and practical design and will be supported by a number of intellectual findings in the light of expert and scientific content and digital questionnaires.

  • COVID-19 will always be with us and its consequences are serious for some people. 
  • A similar approach for all people with various lung diseases (cancer, COPD, etc.), which are becoming more common due to various environmental factors.